Ivoomi Me 5 iV505 White Display Fix Firmware

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This is an official firmware for your Ivoomi Me 5
If your phone is dead after updating the software then you can turn it back on with this firmware
Just have to do it right




Here is Flashing tutorial
-Install driver win32 or 64 bit
-Now open Research Download tool
-Click load packet button top up first
-And select your device ”pac” type firmware
-After the select click play button
-Then turn off mobile
-And press volume down and insert the USB cable
-Or press volume up and insert the USB cable
-And wait

Note =Warning! Do this at your own risk! And all your phone data will be lost
And be careful because If you take the wrong file, your phone will completely dead
So please match your ”hw ver.” from device back sticker
And do this process

Ivoomi Me 5 iV505

Note: If Any Problem Comment Here.Like Firmware Ver Or Any Error Problem .

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