Redmi Note 11 And 11T 5G (Evergo) Full Dump, With Security Network File, For Unlock Tool, ufi emmc tool, z3x easy plus emmc tool, ic friend tool, etc… Even if your phone is stuck on the hang-on logo, you can probably fix it with the help of this file.

Download Redmi Note 11 And 11T 5G (Evergo) Full Full Dump With Security Network File, which you can flash and write with any emmc tool, this file does not have any password and it is absolutely free, to whiten this file you can use UFI Emmc Tool, and Z3X easy jtag plus

Why would you want to update the Redmi Note 11 And 11T 5G (Evergo) Full Dump?

1 Because your Redmi Note 11 And 11T 5G (Evergo) phone is hanging then

2 When your phone hangs on just hang on the logo Redmi Note 11 And 11T 5G (Evergo) name

3 When you reset or hard reset the phone, if the phone is not working then you can Write a Dump file

4 When there is a soft brick or totally off while updating software.

5 After the flash phone is completely off or hang on  logo only then you can write the dump file

Keep these things in mind while writing a dump file for Redmi Note 11 And 11T 5G (Evergo)

1 Good reabll and clean your emmc ic then identify

2 check power supply emmc box

Now let's know how to write Redmi Note 11 And 11T 5G (Evergo) Full Dump File

Download all files from the above links And Extract all files

Install emmc box setup like ufi
Install Driver
Open the ufi emmc tool icon
insert emmc of your ufi emmc box
Click identify

after identifying check consume error

if 90% consume error then go to read a security file backup

after backup then erase emmc file and factory emmc

now the write full dump file

after writing the dump file you can restore the security file

then format user data

Now it’s all Done

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