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Qfill Flash Tool (Qualcomm)

Here is the Official Flash Tool For Qfill Flash Tool (Qualcomm) Smart Phone, (Android)

There is another way to update your Tecno Tested Firmware File software for free, If the warranty on your phone is still running, then take it to the service center. if you have your smartphone insured, then contact it

Note: Check the term condition of the insurance company first, because the insurance company does not accept the claim regarding software updates.

You can update the software of your phone very easily and that too at home
You just have to follow some rules
For example
Charge your phone’s battery 50%
Use a good USB cable
Use the Rear USB Slot of your computer

Problem Like
-Hang on logo only or stuck on brand name only
-Continue to restart your smartphone after another software update
-If Dead or soft brick after another software update or flashing different firmware (a different version )
-Hanging problem while using the internet
-After flash different firmware then baseband unknown problem
-poor network or no service problem fix with this firmware

Ok now we will know how you will update your mobile

First Install Samsung USB Driver 
Click Double Click And Setup Driver

Qfill Flash Tool
Click Flat Build and Browse prog emmc file
Click Load XML And select Rawprogram and patch0 file
After edl mode start now with Download tab
And wait for the pass.

Qfill Flash Tool (Qualcomm)

This tool is work only for Qualcomm Chipset Devices
You Can Download And Flash With Correct Firmware

Qualcomm_Flash_Image_Loader_v2.0.1.9 :Get Link

Only QFILL Tool :Get Link


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