Mi 8 (dipper) Qcn File For Imei Repair Or No Service, Emergency call, Baseband unknown, poor Network, No Network Etc

Why would you want to update the Mi 8 (dipper)

1 If the network is getting low in your phone
2 If the network is not working on your phone at all
3 If the IMEI number of your phone has been lost then you can fix it with this file
4 If the baseband version of your phone has become unknown
5 If your phone is showing emergency calls
6 If your phone shows no service

And there can be many network reasons, all of which you can correct with the help of this file.

Keep these things in mind while writing flash or Mi 8 (dipper)

1 The battery of the phone must be at least 30% charged
Because if while the flashing process continues, if the battery is discharged, then your phone can be turned off.

2 Use the same model file as your model
Because if this is not the case, there may be an error in the tool or your phone may be bricked.

3 Plug the USB cable into the back of your computer CPU
so that the power supply works properly

4 If you use a laptop, then keep the battery charge of the laptop

5 If your phone still has a warranty then give it to the service center

Now let's know how to flash Mi 8 (dipper)

Download all files from the above links And

Extract all files, Tool, and Driver

Install Qualcomm USB Driver
Install Qualcomm Flash Tool
Open the Qfill tool Then Select 
Select prog emmc File
Rawprogram and patch0 also Select

Now OFF Mobile Then Press and hold Both Volume Key Then Insert USB Cable
Or Most Important If Not Connect to Qualcomm Port
Open Back Cover OF Your Smart Phone Then Search EDL Point On Google
Now Sort Both EDL Points Then Connect USB
After Connect Qualcomm Port Now Click Start Button

Now Wait Until Pass


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