------------>>>>Every visitor must read this request and then update your smartphone<<<<------------

  • Here is the Samsung firmware that has been tested. Please read this before using it Because of one mistake, your phone may be damaged So please read it hardly And if you do not understand anything and if there are any errors in your computer or the software does not work properly, then by submitting yourself, please write in the comment box.

  • We have own youtube channel.(RomFast.com)if you get more knowledge about update smartphone so kindly subscribe our channel. We provided videos tutorial( for flashing and hard reset) for every smartphone devices thats can used.

  • If you use Odin tools for every smartphone of Samsung, then just use the Odin tool only. Now let's talk about the samsung firmware whenever you download the Samsung firmware, you will get 4 or 1 files after downloading. You will tell me how to use them.

  • If you have some problems in your mobile, then you should update with As if on your mobile screen some messages come in this way { Most Samsung Mobiles get stuck on their own name } And if the other is such a problem then for example If your phone

    ''stuck on boot screen''

    ''stuck on logo ''

    ''restart again and again ''

    ''turn off after few second ''

    ''Touchscreen unresponsive from time to time ''

    ''some time touch working problem''

    '' some time display screen gone ''

    '' unfortunately system ui has stopped''

    '' unfortunately settings is stopped ''

    '' unfortunately settings has stopped after factory reset ''

    '' unfortunately settings has stopped before factory reset ''

    '' unfortunately the process com.android.settings has stopped ''

    '' unfortunately settings has stopped apps ''

    '' unfortunately camera has stopped ''

    '' camera has stopped ''

    '' camera failed ''

    '' warning camera failed ''

    '' warning camera failed ''

    '' Media server failed camera needs restart

  • So let's flash it

    Firstly charge your device's battery at least 50%

    After that power off your mobile

    After that press the Menu+Volume Down and then Power button

    And then press Volume Up button to continue

    Now you are on Odin mode

    Then connect your phone to pc

  • Now open the Odin tool

    If you have downloaded file only 1, you can select the file by pressing ap or pda

    And if you have a downloaded file 4 you can select it according to the tool

    And then finally you just click on start

  • If you have any other problems then write us in the comment box. We will reply to you immediately

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